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Mantle Cell Lymphoma Blastoid Life Expectancy

Mantle Cell Lymphoma Blastoid Life Expectancy

Unprecedented advances in our understanding of the pathobiology, prognostication, and therapeutic options in mantle cell lymphoma (mcl) have taken place in the last few years. They are called this because the cancer begins in the mantle zone of the lymphocyte.

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Thus, while it is impossible to say how long any one individual patient will survive following a diagnosis of mantle cell lmyphoma, currently the life expectancy is cited as being in the range of four to five years following diagosis, according to researchers at the john theurer cancer center in hackensack, new jersey.

Mantle cell lymphoma blastoid life expectancy. Mantle cell lymphoma life expectancy. These blastoid and pleomorphic variants are defined by cytomorphological features, but the criteria are somewhat subjective. Those with a high proliferative rate, blastoid morphology, and selected clinical features were recognized as having a worse prognosis.

The median age of patients at diagnosis is 65 and males represent 75% of cases. The median overall survival for the intermediate risk group was 51 months and 29 months for the high risk group 21). Most relapses occur within 2 years after therapy.

Mantle cell lymphoma life expectancy is around 5 years which can be more or less depending on the grade of lymphoma the person is suffering from. Usually, physicians note treatment failures in less than 18 months, and the median survival time of individuals with mcl is about two to five. Blastoid mantle cell lymphoma is characterized by highly aggressive features and a dismal clinical course.

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Mantle Cell Lymphoma Blastoid Life Expectancy

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