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How To Use Plumbers Putty On Sink Drain

The plumber’s putty can also be used under the sink strainers, pop up drains and fittings meant for sink, toilets, leakage and, tub. Here’s a quick demo of how i used plumber’s putty when installing a drain into a vanity top.

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Applying plumber’s putty on the sink drain flange.

How to use plumbers putty on sink drain. Form a complete circle with the putty around the underside of the flange of the item you are installing. So make sure everything is clean before you apply the putty. Plumber’s putty plumber's putty comes in containers ranging from small to large tubs, which you may choose from depending on how much plumbing installation work you are doing.

Both plumber's putty and silicone caulk provide a watertight seal for a sink drain. Apply the bead of plumber’s putty under the rip of the sink flange to form a perfect circle underneath it. Wrap the putty around the circle and make sure you don't leave any gaps.

Put the item in place and apply pressure so that excess putty oozes out from under item’s flange. In all of these common applications, the putty is hidden under a flange, lip, or edge and is not visible when the part is. In this episode of repair and replace, vance shows how to properly use plumber's putty on a bathroom sink drain.

In many cases, putty is put on a circular area, like the drain of a sink. Tighten the drain retaining nut. When you install the drain, gently, firmly and keeping drain plumb (vertical and perpendicular to the sink, press the drain down to start the putty squish and form a seal then.

Clean surfaces & take off the flange. Plumbers putty is most often used to put together sinks and seal them to prevent water leaks. Tips for using plumber’s putty.

Push the flange inside the drain opening. Plumber's putty may only be used to prevent or stop leaks coming from specific areas on a sink. Plumber’s putty will sit between the drain flange and the surface on your vanity top.

Even though the putty is better than the silicone and caulk in several situations, the plumber’s putty cannot stand as a solution in all areas. The plumber’s putty must always be applied at the bottom of the sink and the sink must be placed with all the pressure on the countertop. Plumber’s putty is commonly used to seal along the base of faucets and other sink fixtures before setting them onto the sink.

You must seal the area between a sink's drain body and the actual sink surface, otherwise water will leak out between the two and begin dripping under the sink. Knead the putty and roll into a rope about ½” thick. Cut off the excess putty.

Form the putty into a rope, 1/8 inch to 1/4. Where to use plumber's putty. Remove a piece of plumber’s putty from its container and roll it between your hands to soften it.

Plumber's putty is used for sink drains and other fittings. It is not to be used interchangeably with products such as silicone caulk or teflon tape. Do not wrap the putty into multiple.

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